World Leader in Technical Emergency Solutions for AOG - Equipment & Services

  • Fuel leak detection and repair
  • 24/7 on-wing assistance team
  • Ultra-fast polymerization of sealants
  • Effortless and 'in-no-time' sealant removal
  • Applicative R&D for repair solutions development
  • Airbus and Boeing Approved Technologies
  • Free of Charge Fuel Leak Mapping(*)

New: loan your equipment and operator from Aerokwai

  A380 Rib Bom Modification: sealing control- sealant removal-sealant curing-fuel feed lines: we assist you improving processes to reduce downtime. Get your A380 aligned on 32L !

Pre and Post Heavy maintenance fuel leak mapping: try our fuel-less detection method fully approved by Airbus and Boeing. No more defueling-refueling, we use helium. over 98% accuracy compared to classic methods.

Business Aviation : AEROKWAI  has completed full testing of oxygen leak detection on business jets using Oxygen Kit and IPDS Kit.. for more information

Hawker fuel cell-Ventral tank - Falcon Dry Bay Mod : don't take any risk refueling unless leak free.

LIMA 2015 in Malaysia